Allied Sports Performance & Athletic Training Academy (ASPATA) Courses, Workshops & Certifications provide a dynamic, and unique group of experiences and relationships within the shared industry of health, fitness and nutrition.

Created as an alliance between the major fitness educational capitals of the world including Canada, USA, Australia, and Europe, ASPATA is truly the world’s first truly international professional fitness education provider. ASPATA supplies a wide array of international certifications, and courses that provide many dynamic experiences and tools focusing on Body: functional movements & exercises, Mind: business concepts & structures, to Spirit: creating a stronger community of peers and fitness professionals and opening communication across borders, languages, and nationalities.

ASPATA Academy Educational Structures

We have 4 primary structures of coaching education & certifications.Principle Certifications, FoundationalCertification, Specialist Certifications, and our elite Master Coach Certification.Importantly, there are NO prerequisites for any ASPATA courses, certification or affiliate workshops*.

Principle Certifications

Working with the accredited and internationally recognized NFPT from the USA, we offer a number of recognized entry level certifications for the aspiring fitness professional, and most are offered mainly as on-line options to save you time, travel and money. Choose from the NFPT Personal Trainer Certification. There are a few limited, optional Live NFPT Workshops available. Check the schedule for one in your country.

ASPATA Foundational Certification

ASPATA offersour original Foundational Certification, our basis for all of our unique courses, and a true, professional defining course that cover the many facets of the modern Fitness Pro today. From foundational movements, and tools like barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and kickboxing, that are all the building blocks of the Specialist Certifications, to foundational nutrition consulting, and energy pathways, elite warm-up and cool-down development. Also,scientific recovery methods, creating your own community, tribe and successful business models. The Foundational course is one not to be missed. There are no prerequisites for any ASPATA courses.

Specialist Certificates

For Fitness Pros searching to improve their skills within certain domains and interests, to create new experiences for customers, as well as improving your own revenues, we have a number of specialist coaching courses that serve these purposes and more. All Specialist Courses require no prerequisites and are corner stones to the ASPATA Academy philosophy of “professionalism through experience”.

Master Coach

The Master Coach Certification is the top designation ASPATA offers and is reserved for only the most dedicated fitness professionals. The Master Coach Certification demonstrates a keen awareness of the importance of  botheducation and experience, and is a unique combination of ASPATA’s cutting edge courses and certifications including: ASPATAFoundations Course, Specialist: Conditioning, and any other 2 Specialist Courses you choose.

 Why Become a Master Coach

A Master Coach designation shows that you have committed a large amount of time and personal resources to your education and skill development, but there is so much more. Only Master Coaches will be listed on the ASPATA International Coaches Directory on the ASPATA main website. This directory will include your picture, a bio, and links to your social media or website, and any other contact information you want provided.


Master Coach Benefits At A Glance

  • Listing on the ASPATA Master Coach Directory
  • One time 20% of all ASPATA services and products
  • 10% ongoing discounts on all ASPATA services and products
  • Master Coach Certificate for your Gym Wall
  • First in line for article approval on the main website
  • Spotlight of you on the main website, and social media.

What Are ASPATA Affiliate Workshops?

ASPATA is a believer in sharing information, experiences and education across borders, languages, and nationalities. We are firm believers that in all parts of the world there are people who are as passionate as you and us to share valuable messages, and we just want to make it all the easier for them to do so. ASPATA has ongoing affiliations with many top of the industry individuals, coaches, trainers, athletes and organizations. From MMA, muaythai and powerlifting, to business, sales and marketing, we have someone whom you will want to discover from.

 Benefits of an ASPATA Academy Education

 Cutting Edge Company You Are Part Of

ASPATA is moving forward faster than many other fitness educational academies in the world, bringing new opportunities with it. From leading social media and information paced videos, to creating strong and powerful communities, studios and gyms. Join us as we push through all the myths and non-sense and work towards a stronger industry together.

 You Will Be A Life Changing Fit Pro

The reason why we all get into this crazy industry is to change lives for the better, from the stay at home mom or dad, to the high level business man, or pro athletes, will the skills you will gain from us, you will truly accomplish all the goals you set out to do.

Exclusive ASPATA Academy Trainer Discount & Earn $$$ Affiliate Programs

All ASPATA master trainers receive 10% off on all courses, while graduates from any of our Specialist or Foundational courses will get 10% off on their next specialist course. ASPATA Master Trainers also receive an additional $10 for any persona they refer to any ASPATA course.

 Amazing Writing Opportunities

ASPATA is very community minded and we have an open blog that anyone can write for to get their messages sent around the world. However, all ASPATA Master Trainers and Specialist Coaches will get first and second priorities when we make our selections.

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