10 Lifting Specific Fat Loss Tips

10 Lifting Specific Fat Loss Tips

ASPATA Pro-Trainer


With all the back and forth, and new ideas on muscle building, or fat loss that we are bombarded with everyday, it’s no wonder people are not sure what to do in the gym anymore. And the truth is, there is so much new stuff everyday, BECAUSE we are all different, and we each respond to exercise differently, and we all like different kinds of exercise which also skews the information we get.

However to help you out, below I have come up for those of you that enjoy hitting the weights, with my Top 1o Lifting Specific Fat Loss Tips:

1. Use the most “bang for your buck” multi-joint exercises. Such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, chin-ups, and Olympic lifts.

2. Favor compound lifts over isolation or single-joint exercieses such as bicep or leg curls. Unless you have unlimited training time to focus on these.

3. Use short rest periods (10 to 60 seconds) to trigger the greatest metabolic disruption with a high lactate and growth hormone response.

4. Count tempo. Vary the tempo of lifting phases and rest periods to provide maximum stimulus for the body to adapt.

5. To burn fat fast, use a hypertrophy-type protocol with high volume, more than 3 sets, and 70 to 85 percent 1RM load.

6. Use longer time under tension to burn more energy and increase post-exercise oxygen consumption. Try a 4-second eccentric phase and 1-second concentric phase.

7. Train to activate your hormone response. Increasing growth hormone is the priority because of its significant fat burning effects.

8. Perform circuit training using upper and lower body or agonist and antagonist paired sets. Use moderately heavy loads with little rest between sets for maximal metabolic disturbance.

9. For gradual fat loss over a longer period of time, include strength cycles with heavier loads (up to 95 percent 1RM). Use slightly longer rest breaks (2 to 3 minutes) and a lot of sets.

10. Work harder! The ability to push oneself physically is a skill. If you’re not getting results, you may not be working hard enough.

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