ASPATA Introduction

Allied Sports Performance & Athletic Training Academy or ASPATA is positioning itself to be one of Asia’s leading wellness education and fitness standardization academies.

At ASPATA we are dedicated to improving, educating, and standardizing the fitness industry as a whole. If there is one thing that is well known in the fitness industry globally, is that there is very little standardization, leading to a sub par level of fitness education, even amongst “fitness & wellness professionals”. This has to change, and ASPATA has set out to be a guiding force to change the wellness and fitness education industry all across Asia.

At ASPATA we are focused on bringing real, tangible, honest and useful fitness and health education to the Asian community. We have created a dynamic fitness and wellness academy by collecting a team of the highest levels of professional instructors and practical trainers that allows us to deliver the most advanced training available regionally as well as rivaling anything else offered around the globe.

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 ASPATA STANCE (Philosophy)


ASPATA has set forth to create a new movement within the fitness, wellness and health industries in Asia by helping developing the new standards in professional education and engagement.

ASPATA’s philosophy from day one has been to “create lasting, life changing results for EVERYONE, though the concepts of; evolving education, honest communication and practical application; to serve the shared needs of our communities as a whole”.