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ASPATA Fitness Business and Health Club Solutions.

ASPATA management has a combined experience of over 30 years in the fitness industry, and have worked with gyms, Crossfit boxes, spas and studios all over the world. With all this experience we are helping pioneer the industry with solutions for  health club owners, mangers and operators. ASPATA is heavily invested into the development of numerous skills amongst personal trainers, and helping fitness business, new or old flourish!


Below, you will find some of our most popular requests and programs that many independent, and corporate clients have requested. If you do not see your needs on here, please feel free to contact ASPATA.


With the expansion of HIIT based fitness programs in gyms that blend results based science, practical exercise, functional fitness, friendly competition and community, ASPATA is the exclusive certification provider of the international METCON fitness system.

METCON is a high intensity functional fitness program that lends itself to the popular high intensity cross – training programs modern gym members are looking for. Yet METCON has developed a program that increases safety, decreases injury, and allows for more people to fit into a class (meaning more $ per square meter) than current cross-fitness programs can ever hope to do, and without the extreme measures these boxes need to take to prevent dropping of weights, and noise complaints.

With the METCON coaching system, students will discover:

  • The METCON principles
  • METCON programming and methodology.
  •  A number of skill set exercises using dumbbells, kettlebells, jump ropes, medicine balls, sandbags, barbells and more.
  • Progression and regressions of exercises to suit any fitness level.
  • Building a loyal tribe (program community).
  • Marketing and brand building systems.
Recreation & Fitness Instructor Program (RFI Program)

For hospitality based Business: Hotels, retreats, resorts, cruise ships, etc.

The ASPATA RFI Program has been developed and successfully used in a number of international vacation properties, including the Centara Group, and the Ambassador. This program delivers what is needed to provide customers with safe, intelligent and professional fitness services.

Today’s travellers are looking to maintain or even better their fitness and health while on vacation, or work trips, yet this same customer demands qualified individuals, which most hotel and resort properties do not have access too. This is where our RFI program comes into place. With this program, your fitness centre staff will learn many of the requirements that customers demand:

Your staff will learn the following in the RFI program

  •        Basic but popular exercises
  •        Programming for fat loss, muscle gain, general health, and core
  •        Basic health and fitness assessments
  •        Designing revenue increasing programs based on the resources of the properties, ex. golf or tennis fitness, beach bootcamps, senior health, etc.
Group Exercise Programs

ASPATA has designed a number of group fitness programs for gyms, resorts, and private clubs, these include:

  • Bootcamps (indoor & outdoor)
  • HIIT classes
  • TRX and kettlebell
  • SAQ
  • Barre
  • and many more
Customized Staff Improvement, & Skill Development

ASPATA Pro-Trainers have been developing fitness professionals for over 20 years, with everything from basic skills, to international certifications. We are able to deliver any custom requests you may have.

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Social media
  • Club tours
  • Professionalism
  • Class conduct and program delivery
Customer Growth, Attraction & Retention Programs

ASPATA has developed a number of customer growth programs suitable to any kind of fitness based business. From fitness challenges, to wellness programs, ASPATA can assist you in developing programs that will see you revenues rise.

  •         Body Transformation Challenges
  •         Fat Loss Programs
  •         Community Programs
  •         Workplace Competitions
  •         Membership Drives
  •         Exhibitions & Demonstrations
  •         Program Launches