Certified Personal Trainer

Please read over all the steps and Q & A below before emailing us questions.


Personal Training : International Certification


ASPATA is proud to present the Personal Training Certification program. The Personal Trainer Certification course offers a number of benefits:

  • GLOBALLY RECOGNIZED! Just like ACSM, ACE and NASM, the highly respected NFPT certifications are accepted all over the world, and fully insurable if your travel around the world.
  • Asia’s FASTEST personal trainer certification.
  • Contains a large amount of optional GYM FLOOR and PRACTICAL SKILLS training (most other courses do not offer this important component).

The PT course prepares the trainer for professional one-on-one interactions with paying fitness clients. During this dynamic online course you will learn to assess the fitness levels of clients and effectively design and communicate fitness programs based on their needs and goals. We will guide you as a trainer to teach exercise in a manner that enhances learning while respecting safety and effectiveness. The certification will teach you how to move the human body optimally in all the movement planes and foundational exercises.

The Complete Course Includes 2 Main Parts


Part 1: Online Home Study, which includes the following:


Personal Training Practical Application PDF Manual
The Personal Training Practical Application Workbook is a practical guide that shows the student trainer the concepts, proper range of motion and body mechanics, that will enable them to becomes successful and standout among their peers in the industry.

Weight Training Manual
Learn basic anatomy, biomechanics and applying this knowledge in training settings for specific muscle groups. Guide clients in maximizing results while minimizing injury risk.


Fitness Assessment Manual
Learn assessment techniques for measuring cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and body composition. Practice applying these test results for individual program development and goal setting.


Lifestyle Consultant Manual
Learn to effectively communicate the health benefits of fitness, disease prevention, diet and nutrition, behavior modification, stress management, and total wellness. Develop motivation and behavior modification strategies to enhance compliance with a fitness and wellness program.


Part 2. Online Practical Skills Virtual Workshop

The PT Certification Course also includes the complete ONLINE Virtual Practical Skills Workshop (a $149.00 value). A library containing ALL the videos that are presented in the optional LIVE Practical Workshop.


The Simple Steps to Getting Certified


ASPATA Have Made the Steps to Certification Easy Using our ‘ASPATA E-Z Cert. 4-Step System’.


Step 1. Register & pay online for the PT Certification course Once you do this, you will be emailed the link to your new member account within 72 hours, at which time all the materials required; PDF text books, PDF study aids, and Virtual Practical Skills Workshop Video Library.


Step 2. Read the manuals in any order you like. At the end of each manual, there is a corresponding on-line multiple / true & false test (requires webcam).


Step 3. Watch all the videos in the Online Virtual Workshop. Once you have watched all the videos, and done the corresponding activities with each you are ready for your GYM FLOOR PRACTICAL TEST. Check the ASPATA schedule for an upcoming Practical Test date in Bangkok (or a city near you). ** If you cannot find a date that suits you, private tests can be arranged for an additional fee of ($25 USD or local equivalent, cash only).


Step 4. You will be emailed your certification in PDF to print out.


OPTIONAL Live Practical Workshop!


If you really want some hands-on learning with one of our Master Trainers, you can attend one of our international 3 day practical skills workshops. Just make sure to look at our online schedule for one near you, and then invest in option 2 below.


PT Q & A:

Do I need to do the LIVE Practical Workshop? Not at all! The LIVE Practical Workshop is just an option for people who want some intensive handson training with our international master training team. You do however need to complete the online Virtual Workshop.


How do I do my mandatory Practical Skills Test?  This test must be completed in person and takes about 1 hour. Please look at the schedule page for a Practical Skills date at a city nearest you. Then email us to set a time for that date.


How long is my certification valid for? Certifications are good for 2 years before CEC’s are required. As long as you get your CEC’s.


Do I get hard copies of books & certificate? No. To save obvious shipping costs and keep your course rates low, all materials and the certificate are in high-res PDF formats. But they are easy to print out. THERE ARE NO HARD COPIES OF ANYTHING PROVIDED WITH YOUR PURCHASE.


What people are saying about our certification courses:
– “What I have found, though, is that this organization is all about really focusing on injury prevention, as Personal Training has received such a bad rep for “hurting people.” They want their fitness professionals to come out with a working knowledge of what they are doing. ASPATA wants to know that they are putting quality trainers out that will uphold the standards and integrity of working with the livelihood (and physical bodies) of their clients”.


– “They have been around for a long time and the quality of the training has always been good. With the study materials were well laid out and the study guide was representative of the exam. The level of detail on the exam was much deeper for NFPT than other certifications”.