Even Ironman Does Yoga…

Even Ironman Does Yoga…


For a long time now, yoga has been generally, and incorrectly though of as a “workout for women”. The fact is nothing can be further from the truth, from Iron Man himself Robert Downey Jr to professional cage fighters in the UFC, men around the world are doing yoga more and more each day.

As a trainer it’s important to know a lot about a number of types of training, and many clients are looking for educated, well rounded, and non-biased fitness professionals to help them develop a personalized fitness program they will enjoy. Yoga is quickly rising in popularity around the world, and any trainer who does not know at least a few of the basic positions and names, is definitely not keeping up with the times.

Yoga has long been ignored by male fitness trainers and seen as a “girly kind of training”, especially it seems in Asia, a stigma carried around with it all the time. Just go to any local yoga class and you will see that a class with 40 people in it probably only has 4-5 men. However, times are changing, and will catch up here SOON, and many of the top Hollywood celebs and professional athletes are showing us, ‘Yoga is a man’s workout too’.

Simple yoga positions and yoga sequences are a great addition to any trainers warm up program, cool down program, or even placed in mid session. Depending on the poses you choose and the way you choose to use them they can used during the dynamic stretching portion of a work out, as some strength and isometric training, or as a static stretching component.

Yoga has all kinds of benefits for clients:

  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Body awareness
  • Concentration & body movement
  • Stress relief
  • Pain relief, especially back and neck
  • Memory has been shown to improve
  • Increasing heart rate variability (HRV), a good thing
  • Improve athletic recovery
  • Digestion


Below you will find a list of the many different types of yoga available, and hopefully you will add at least a little bit to your clients (and your own) training programs.

  • Bikram: Hot yoga style proven to help with digestion and blood flow
  • Hot Yoga: Unlike Bikram, does not follow a consistent pattern, great for very inflexible and limited mobility clients as the heat improves joint elastic potential. This is the one for those super stiff, immobile clients
  • Ashtanga: You will always do the same poses, so you can continue to improve in them
  • Vinyasa: Very fluid movements, different all the time, and based of breathing patterns
  • Hatha: The beginners yoga, tons of positions and scaling options
  • Restorative: Uses props such as blocks, and blankets, great for active recovery and fast lunch sessions, or for people super stressed or burnt out
  • Power Yoga: A faster, more athletic yoga, especially for the guy who “doesn’t want to do yoga”. Great for athletic, MMA, CrossFit types of clients.
  • Air /Fly Yoga: Poses from a ceiling suspended hammock. Great for balance and co-ordination