Giving a Boot to Bootcamps!

Giving a Boot to Bootcamps!

Bootcamps are NOT just stomping around and yelling at people! This is the message that the Bootcamp Alliance (BCA) makes very clear at each one of their world wide recognised certifications. And there is a reason why the BCA is recognised by ACE, NASM, ACSM, Reps NZ, and Fitness Australia, because they teach PROFESSIONAL, ORGANISED, and SAFE bootcamp instructor courses!

Developed by former military soldiers the Bootcamp Alliance is a 2 day outdoor/indoor fitness instructor certification course  that truly gets in-depth into how to run a successful, and long term revenue generating Bootcamp, which is quite a bit different from what we have seen from other Bootcamps. We have had many students of other bootcamp certifications globally say the courses they attended were nothing but glorified workouts, that taught them very little besides how to build a good sweat! “Waste of time and money”, they say! But not with BCA!

The BCA is an in-depth 2 day course that really gets you into how to run a great bootcamp. From kick-butt outdoor workouts, to much needed safety procedures, command & control strategies, and how to organise your boot campers into effective groups to get amazing results! The BCA has it all. And our students have NOTHING BAD TO SAY!

The course also includes a limited edition “Drill Sergeant” T-Shirt, and 2 hard copy course manuals filled with business tips, programming concepts, warmup and fitness testing designs to help make your Bootcamp they best in your city!

The Australian Bootcamp Alliance. Enlist today soldier!