Kick Off 2016 With a Bang (and a new career)

Kick Off 2016 With a Bang (and a new career)

By Ror Alexander

With 2016 only about 2 weeks away, very soon there are going to be a whole lot of people around the world either thinking of finally getting into shape, or getting back into shape. January and February are considered the golden months of personal training, and gym membership sales (as opposed to December which is the worst), and if you have been considering a career in the fitness industry, this is a time you cannot afford to miss.

The new year is a time to reflect on your life, all the positives, and all the negatives, and its a time to make a clean slate to begin your new life with, and a career in fitness at this time of year is the perfect choice. And a course like our NAFC International certified personal trainer course is a great staring point.

Of course if you are currently a trainer, you are probably thinking about ways that you can make 2016 more profitable and enjoyable than 2015, and how you can evolve and improve as a fit pro moving forward, and of course ASPATA can help you to.

We have many courses to choose from to help make 2016 your best year. Maybe your’e tired of bering stuck indoors and under artificial lights all day long, missing the warm sunny weather just on the other side of the window. Then consider our Bootcamp Alliance (Outdoor/Indoor Fitness Specialist) Instructor certification, and start to get your self and clients into the parks, beaches, and islands.

Maybe you need to rev up your clients, and start to really create some sweat pouring, heart pounding results, then you should definitely check out our EXCLUSIVE to ASPATA one day H.I.I.T. certification course.

But then, maybe you’re the kind of fit pro, who wants to take things slow, and focused, then the new Yoga Fit course is no doubt what you’re in need of, and clients love a good stretch.

Then, like we have said in many videos and blogs right here on this site, trainers who do kickboxing with their clients or small groups, are some of the busiest trainers around town. And who better for us tho team with them the world renowned Fairtex, to offer you 2 levels of muay thai fitness certifications!

And last, but not least, we all know that high intensity, functional fitness, using heavy weights, big skilled movements, climbing ropes, and swinging kettlebells is taking the world by storm, so we have developed our own unique METCON coach certification, that will allow you to call yourself an official METCON coach, and train clients using the science driven METCON methods.

With these tools in place, you can make 2016 your best year ever, and we have courses kicking of as early as January 23rd.

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