Ladies Love Kickboxing.

Ladies Love Kickboxing.

by Rachma Nineth. Indonesia ASPATA Pro Trainer. Owner of NINE Fitness (METCON Bali) in Bali, Indonesia.

Coming from a background of multi-sports athletics, I spent most of my teen years competing in a number of sports competitions:  javelin throw, Sepak Takraw, volleyball and Pencak Silat (an Indonesian traditional martial art), so my passion with Muay Thai in the past 3 years did not come out of nowhere.

Through the last 8 years of my personal training career, modified or fitness based martial arts training has become VERY popular, and when I started working at a gym in Jakarta 8 years ago ‘Les Mills Body Combat’ was already one of their most popular classes.

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My introduction to muay thai started 3 years ago in Phuket, and little to say, I was quickly hooked! I started to train intensively until I became good enough to apply the training fundamentals with my clients, and they all loved it! To my surprise roughly 80% of my clients chose kickboxing/boxing as a huge focus of their training regimens.

And now my gym in Bali, NINE Fitness, is becoming a power house for women and mens’ cardio kickboxing & fitness muay thai, and below I have listed many of the reasons, both myself and clients love it.

• It works your whole body
Kickboxing / Muay Thai has amazing combination of movements that challenge your whole body with various techniques like uni-directional movements, strikes, kicks and blocks that require the coordination of every part of your body. In kickboxing – You Train Everything!

• Improves your muscular strength & endurance
Kickboxing benefits are not limited to only throwing strong punches or kicks, but also works your muscular endurance at the same time as it requires you to keep moving, with a goal of either to punch or not to get punched (if sparring is your thing). In a group class, I typically apply certain drills like push-ups, sit-ups, squat jumps, etc. in between padwork sessions which of course make the training even more intense.

• Improves your flexibility and agility
One thing I learned about kickboxing is you need to be relaxed and loose – you can’t be stiff and be good at it. The various kicks you will do will help get you develop better ranges of flexibility each day. And with kickboxing, beside getting stronger, you will also get faster, and regular kickboxing training will make your agility improve rapidly.

• Releases stress
There’s no better way to release your after work stress than punching the hell out of SOMETHING, now don’t punch people – go to kickboxing session instead! You’ll feel relieved and heaps better afterwards, kickboxing gives you the sense of satisfaction you can’t get from any other training.

Now if you are new to kickboxing, you should without a doubt check out the Fight Easy Fitness powered by Fairtex Muay Thai Level 1 and 2 certification courses, or the coming soon “Fight Girlz: Women’s Only Cardio Kickbox Certification