Congrats if you have made it this far into the article! 99% of “fit pros” as soon as they see those words in the title, they turn off, and go look up some local TRX or BOSU certification to hope they will get busier and more clients.


This a word that we use a lot in our ASPATA posts, and there is a reason for this. We think modern, and we TRY to share it with you. In fact, I have personally never seen any of the fitness education organizations out there, push business, marketing, sales, and consulting strategies as much as ASPATA does, and there seems to be a good reason for this…

You don’t want it! But I hate to make you sad, YOU NEED IT! So we are not going to stop.

Now if this sounds boring to you, now may be a great time to go read someone else blog on the next great exercise or 5 min abs workout, and how it will ” help you be cutting edge”, but, again, sorry, it won’t. Business, sales, marketing, branding, networking, and more are all a HUGE part of the fitness business.

When was the last time you googled the “Top Fitness Trainers of the Year”? I do, quite often. These are the trainers that are getting on TV, in magazines, going to award parties, getting celebrity endorsements, and getting big $ sponsorships, and you know what they all have in common?


So how do they earn money? How do they get all this recognition without training clients day in and day out? Without teaching class after class? Without writing each client an exercise program, or nutrition plan?

It’s simple. They are MODERN.

The modern fitness pro understands social media, they understand sales, they understand marketing, they understand where they fit in, they understand who is watching them, and who they need to speak to.

So what do they do, that you do not?

  1. They are linked heavy into social media and blend it very well. And they keep up with the current SM. You know Periscope? No? You’re already behind.
  2. The have a website and usually under their personal name.
  3. The write, write, write. Books, blogs, spotlights and articles. In fact, I was called by a TV show yesterday, and the first question was, “where can I see some of your writing”.
  4. They use EVERYTHING on their social media. Were they on a podcast or radio? It’s recorded. Did they do a 10 second spot on a TV show? They have the clip. Were they mentioned in a magazine or blog? They have an image of it.
  5. They write for others as well. They write for magazines, other people blogs, websites, and more. And NOT FOR $!!! They do it for exposure.
  6. They have professional pics. They don’t use the iPhone for their bio pics. They have pro pics, and usually videos as well.
  7. They take A LOT of client or event pics. Usually from their online clients or challenges, but they show social proof that what they do works.
  8. They provide client testimonials, and a lot of them.
  9. They get educated for making $$$$$, not CEC’s. You can get CEC’s online for $10.00, just do that, and take courses that interest you.
  10. They sell online programs, that are usually pre made. E-books, online challenges, limited edition workouts, and more like this.
  11. Finally, they think GLOBAL! Are you asking yourself “how can I get a new client today?”, or “how can I get someone in my area to come into my gym”? They are asking themselves, how can I be living in New York, and get 200 new clients in LA, or 50 in Hong Kong, or set up a 300 person workshop in Cape Town? Their “local” is the planet earth.
  12. They focus on workshops and guest appearances to accompany their ‘products’.
  13. They team up with companies that will lend to their image, while giving back to these companies.
  14. They also do podcasts, vodcast, and YouTube.
  15. They attend higher scale summits, and Master minds. Most of the successful fit pros only go as presenters to the larger general conventions, but they personally go to smaller, private ones, that most of us have never heard of. These are usually invitation only, or VERY costly. Or they go to ones that are in their personal niche.

Where can you start?

  1. Get your social medial going into overtime. But make sure it has lessons, good content, and value.
  2. Get a website.
  3. Get writing. Blogs, articles, opinions, whatever.
  4. Reach out to brands that speak to you and your business.
  5. Decide what your niche is. It’s ok to have many interests, but narrow in on what will earn you the most back.
  6. Podcast, videos, and podcasts. Start one, or get on other peoples.
  7. Reach out to local magazines, bloggers, and websites, and do interviews or health segments.
  8. Team up with others like you that don’t conflict with you. You a PT? Find a dietician to join with.
  9. Get some pro pics done for your website.
  10. Ask your clients for testimonials, and take pics of EVERY class.
  11. Be happy to ‘sell’ your product. Proudly yell out your prices.
  12. Develop your own very detailed SOP calendar. This is your professional weekly or even daily to do list for your business. (SOP, Standard Operating Procedures).
  13. If someone is trying to hold you down, hide your talents, etc. Put them in their place. Don’t let anyones agenda supersede yours.

We hope this helps you to open your eyes a bit. In fact this article could go on forever, and become a book (maybe sooner than later). So if you want to continue in this field for a long time, you need to get on all the above. This does not mean to just dump everything and start your online journey, but you will defiantly want to start to migrate towards this.