Part 1 of 5: Fit Pro Career Options. Being an Employee

Part 1 of 5: Fit Pro Career Options. Being an Employee

Part 1 of the 5 kinds of Fitness Trainer jobs most available.

Being a Fitness Employee is a common choice for many who are either new to the industry, or, for those who prefer to work within the confines and structure of an organization.


The Fitness Employee often finds employment in one of the large fitness chains, possibly as one out of countless others employed by the same organization, month-in, month-out.

The Employee must be prepared to be subjected to the rules, regulations and ethics of that particular organization, and has to work patiently up the organization’s hierarchy or social structure ladder.



Pros Of Being A Fitness Employee

1. Regular paycheck

2. Employee benefits, like healthcare and CPF

3. Training and guidance in your job scope provided

4. Provision of training facility and equipment

Cons Of Being A Fitness Employee

1. Limited Income Potential
– As an employee, you are usually put on a fixed basic salary scale, and any salary increase/bonuses/perks are often pegged to performance indicators decided by your employer.

2. NO Control Over Your Work Environment
– You CANNOT choose your work colleagues, your working space, your duty roster or even your clients.

3. NO Control Over Your Job Scope
– As an employee, be prepared to take on all sorts of general responsibilities, including those NOT related to your professional training – such as manning the reception, issuing locker keys, folding towels, cleaning exercise equipment, and other housekeeping chores, and of course, also making sales calls etc etc….

4. Ever-Increasing Sales Quota To Meet
– The fitness/wellness employee often finds himself/herself in this predicament – having to meet ever-increasing sales targets – month after month. Many fitness professionals find this the most distasteful and stressful part of being an employee in a fitness chain.

5. Your EMPLOYER Will Always Take A Percentage From Your Earnings.
– Whatever amount you make from your training sessions with clients at your employer’s facility, your employer will always take a (probably large) CUT off your earnings. A fact of life for the fitness employee. You are often left with only a small percentage of what’s originally paid by the client.

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