Perfect Timing OR Which HIT is HIIT?

Perfect Timing OR Which HIT is HIIT?

What perfect timing.

Tomorrow will the the first 2016 HIIT Certification at ASPATA, and this afternoon I was again pleasantly reminded that ASPATA is as always ahead of the curve to what EVERY other fitness educator is doing, when I stumbled upon a new article by Men’s Health Magazine South Africa (we will get to this in a bit).

It has always been our mandate at ASPATA to deliver quality, scientific, yet novel ways to help clients get results by teaching our students to get outside of the normal, inside the box  thinking. And when I developed our original ASPATA HIIT Certification, or to be more accurate ASPATA HIT(s) Certification, I wanted to teach all the students there are many more than one way to run a results based, high intensity, functional fitness class. And within our unique course, we targeted 3 specific formats, as well as 3 specific methods to conduct HIIT classes for different results, based on different goals. I did this because I have been watching all the other courses offered by other fitness educators, as well as the HUNDREDS of HIIT classes I see in gyms, do the same formats again and again, and again… They have all fallen into the “go fast, go hard, go home” mentality, and while this does have it’s time and place, it’s definitely NOT the all and end all. In fact, that style accounts for only a small part of our course, which brings me to the Men’s Health article “The 7 Fitness Trends You Need to Know About for 2016”, and how it relates to our HIIT COURSE.

The very first top trend that they speak about is one of the key formats we teach in our course, PHA, or Peripheral Heart Action theory. This is a nearly 76-year-old training practice, that is all but unknown to even the most knowledgeable trainers, main reason being it’s not as “exciting” or as focused on my popular media as HIIT, yet its results have been seen to greatly surpass traditional HIIT.

So what is PHA?

Well, that’s pretty simple. Basically, it is a form of cardiovascular conditioning that has the client, clients, or athlete moving from a lower body exercise to an upper body exercise in a repeating manner. The goal is to keep the heart constantly pumping blood throughout the body, from the heart to the extremities, but without localising particular muscle groups, and avoiding any muscular fatigue, or lactic acid (negative ion) build up in a particular muscle group allowing the person doing it to stay at a relatively high intensity for a long period of time.

PHA has been shown to dramatically help reduce fat, increase cardiovascular conditioning, and create lean, fit, toned bodies. In fact, 1966 Mr. Universe winner Bob Gadja won the top spot by using this training as his go-to form of cardio.

So, I hope this has helped to open your eyes to the fact that there are MANY ways to run a novel, exciting, and results-based “HIIT” class, and if you want to learn a few others, and when and why you would use them, make sure to register for our ASPATA HIIT Certification.