Performance Nutrition Coach

PT Performance Nutrition & Sports Supplement Coach

Nutrition for athletic performance and guiding clients in choosing the correct supplements for their goals is a quickly growing niche on the fitness industry.


What is Performance Nutrition

Performance nutrition is the use of dietary interventions to impact and improve athletic performance and training ability.  The strategies used are different for eachathlete and are developed using a detailed knowledge of:


  • The athlete including lifestyle, learning style and willingness to change.
  • The sport(s) and event
  • The athlete’s current intake, nutrition awareness and practical skills (cooking, shopping, etc.).
  • Nutrition, supplements & performance (including biochemistry and physiology)


A large part of the consultants role is to translate evidence based scientific guidelines relating to nutrition and sports performance into practical everyday advice on eating that is specifically tailored to the individual athlete.


This course help provide info on many topics:


  • Dietary assessment:  Assessing the athlete’s nutritional intake against their training and competition requirements and modifies their diet to meet these demands.
  • Assessment and monitoring:  On-going assessment of body composition, biochemistry and overall health to identify areas needing improvement and assessment of impact.
  • Travel advice:  For the vast majority of athletes, foreign travel is common. The consultant provides valuable advice for preparing for travel as well as coping when abroad e.g. supplements, food choices and food safety.
  • Practical skills education: Practical skills workshops are an important component of performance nutrition and these are used to improve the athlete’s knowledge of specific nutrition areas e.g. hydration, recovery, supplements and develops their skills in cooking and shopping.


How does Performance Nutrition Help Athletes?

The performance nutritionist identifies areas in an athlete’s diet that if improved will enhance their ability to train, recovery and compete.   Some common examples include:


  • Improving the quantities and types of foods eaten before a training session improves an athlete’s ability to cope with a specific training load.  Different strategies will be used depending on the training phase of the athlete.
  • Eating the correct balance of nutrients (primarily protein and carbohydrates) directly after a training session makes sure the athletes body gets the most gains from the session (i.e strength or endurance gains).  It also drives recovery to allow them to train again within a short period of time.
  • Improving level of hydration by changing timing and type of fluids drunk during training and competition will reduce both mental and physical fatigue.


This course will take you to a level of nutrition knowledge that only the experts truly know. Since nutrition is one of the most important components in guiding your clients to successfully obtaining their fitness goals, this course will give you the tools to offer the most complete fitness solutions available.


Course includes:

  • 260 page full-color PDF study manual
  • At home, no hassle, Online multiple-choice test


** Optional: You can platinum grade this course by adding our exclusive 1 Day Nutritional Consultant Workshop (not a part of the curriculum, but a valuable tool for fitness professionals). Includes an exclusive exercise and nutritional journal in both hard cover for you, and PDF for your clients. Please see schedule page for dates.