A CrossFit OG Talks CrossFit in North America (and what may happen in Asia)

A CrossFit OG Talks CrossFit in North America (and what may happen in Asia)

Following up on our very popular previous podcast with Thailand’s official two time fittest man and CrossFit athlete Henrik Olofsson, we visit Toronto Canada, and sit down with the 2009 Canada East CrossFit Champion, 2015 Canadian Masters Champion, CrossFit Connection head coach, and all around Canadian CrossFit ‘Original Gangsta’ Jason Bird.

We sit down to discuss the early days of CrossFit (FYI: it has not just been around for 3 years), and the CrossFit Games before Reebok, the 2015 masters athlete categories (coming in 31st of 20,000 people). Becoming an early CrossFit Coach, and training with the founder of CrossFit Greg Gassman. Opening one of Canada’s first CrossFit boxes (just behind CrossFit Vancouver). CrossFit as a sport versus CrossFit as a fitness program. How marketing has changed over the years. Programming for group classes, and how classes are organised. What makes a good CrossFit athlete, and what makes a good CrossFit Coach. And whether this functional fitness trend will continue to grow, or if we will be back to bicep curls and calf raises.

What is really interesting to see is how what happens in the west eventually gets to Asia. Where high intensity functional fitness is going and what we can do to help promote the new fitness movement, marketing, and how we can avoid the negatives that have been associated with Crossfits popularity explosion.

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Jason Bird