CrossFit in Asia with Reebok CrossFits official ‘Fittest Man in Thailand’

CrossFit in Asia with Reebok CrossFits official ‘Fittest Man in Thailand’

In this episode we jump backwards quite a number of months to a previous interview with CrossFit Bangkok head coach, and now 2 time CrossFit Reeboks Official “Fittest Man In Thailand” Henrik Olofsson. Henrik is Thailand’s CrossFit machine, and I had a chance to sit with him in late 2014 to discuss CrossFit trends and training in Asia.

While some of the information at the end of the podcast is a little outdated, it’s still definitely a great listen as we discuss the trends of CrossFit in Asia, seminars, the growth of functional fitness and more. And very interestingly, many of Henrik’s insights of the growth of CrossFit has come to be with things like the Asia Championships finals happening in Bangkok this June.

We also discuss goals and CrossFit, how CrossFit athletes like Henrik train, nutrition, what you need to be successful in competing in CrossFit, fitness summits, and ice hockey in Thailand?! Yes, it does exist!

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Last, at the end of the podcast, you will hear us talk about the first ever Asia Box Summit in 2014, and while that may be gone, we are happy to announce he is planning the next 2015 Asia Box Summit on the same weekend again this year in Thailand.

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