Specialist: Bootcamp



You want to have the ultimate kick butt Bootcamp in your city? Want to help clients lose fat, build muscle and burn up to 1,000 calories in just one hour?! Well now you can! With the BOOTCAMP ALLIANCE!


Developed by real former military soldiers, the world famous Bootcamp Alliance is the world’s most fun, hardcore, cutting edge Bootcamp Certification available! During this action packed, butt kicking 2 day course you will train with Bootcamp Master Coaches to learn how to put on some kick butt bootcamp classes that are sure to make you the ultimate bootcamp trainer, and have the ultimate bootcamp classes! Cardio, core, and muscle shredding workouts all included.


Did we mention this course also gives you CEC’s for NASM (1.6), ACE (1.7), Reps NZ (20), Fitness Australia (16), NAFC and ACSM (16).


So if the time has come to launch a high octane, action packed bootcamp that will leave clients sweaty, beat, and begging for more, then you need sign up now soldier!


Common Bootcamp Q & A:


1. Are there any materials I need before the course? No. All materials are provided AT the course.


2. Do I need to prepare anything before coming to the course? No, just show up.


3. What do I need for the course? Just workout clothes (2 sets a day as they will get dirty), a pen, a water bottle, and running shoes.


4. Do I need to be a personal trainer or have any certifications before taking the course? No. You do not need ANY pre-requisites.


5. Will I get a certificate at this course? You will get a PDF certificate sent to you within a week of completing the course.


6. Are there any tests? Yes. There are 2 simple tests. One is a written at the end of the first day, the second is a practical at the end of the second day.


7. Do I  need to complete both days? Yes. To get certified you MUST complete both full days.


8. Is there an expiration to my certification? No. One you are certified you are forever certified.


9. I have an injury, can I still take the course? Yes. Regardless of injuries, anyone can take the course. There will be exercises, but a good course will teach you how to work around those. In fact, you are helping the other students learn when you have an injury!


10. How do I register? There are 3 ways.


i: From Bangkok. You can pay in cash at our home facility, Aspire Gym.

ii: From Thailand. You can pay by a simple bank transfer to our account, then email us a pic of your receipt of deposit.

iii: From anywhere on the earth. You can pay on this site through PayPal using your bank account or credit card. Just click register at the top of page.


** We do not accept payments at the course, we also do not accept cheques, BitCoins or other methods. You are also not registered until you have paid.