Specialist: H.I.I.T.

The exciting ASPATA H.I.I.T. certification is a unique one day course developed and conducted by ASPATA’s professional global pro trainer team.


Our H.I.I.T. certification principles have been used in many gym and fitness centers, and now we are brining you this unique opportunity to learn how to run your own unique, and results focused H.I.I.T. classes on your own, allowing you to create fun new programs, results guaranteed fitness challenges, and new sources of revenues.


You asked for it, we delivered!


During this action packed course you will discover:


1. The secrets of how to recreate our trademarked 3 unique styles of popular H.I.I.T. classes.
2. The differences between the often confused H.I.T. and H.I.I.T., and how to use both to create the results you want.
3. How to create H.I.I.T. fitness based body transformation challenges that work.
4. The absolute best exercises for fat loss.
5. How to create a consistent customer base so you can stop having to look for new clients.


This course includes a printed manual, programs for each H.I.I.T. class style, and a hard copy certificate for your desk or wall!