Specialist: KickFit



Kickboxing and martial arts has for centuries been a devoted way of life for thousnads of people over generations. Now fitness fans from all corners of the globe have also discovered the benefits of fitness kickboxing, and other forms of martial arts with a focus on conditioning, stress relief and improving strength.


Enter the ASPATA KickFit Speciliast Course.


Created exclusively for ASPATA by fitness kickbox leaders Fight Easy Fitness, an organization that focuses on both professional fighter conditioning, and general modern martial art fitness, this course delivers.


Not just “conditioning” but a focus on the complete triad:

  •  Endurance
  •  Power
  •  Functional Strength


Kickboxing provides unparalled workouts, focusing on all 3 planes of motion, and pretty much all the 8 foundational movements, kickboxing is a complete fitness system.



During this intensive one day fitness kickboxing workshop, you will discover all the tricks and secrets that go into making an
amazing cardio kickbox workout that focuses on endurance, strength and power.

Discover all the foundational strikes, and drills of kickboxing, and learn how to incorporate them into any style of class, from Bootcamp, to H.I.I.T., to CrossFit, right up to personal training private sessions.


Learning Objectives

The ASPATA KickFit Specialist course teaches participants to:

· Create dynamic kickbox workouts

· Discover the most popular fitness kickboxing drills

· Hold focus mitts properly

· Foundational strikes

· Combinations

· Use focus mitts, kick shields, and heavy bags

· Safety first kickboxing

· Systemize your programming for generating adaptations and results

· Train for cognitive awareness and coordination

· Improve reaction time

· Understand how to incorporate kickboxing into H.I.I.T. workouts, WOD’s, Bootcamp’s and other group training.



• No prerequisite required to attend the KickFit Specialist course.
• The Foundations Course is highly recommended as a precursor to the KickFit Specialist Course.