Fit Pro Summit

The Fit-Pro Summit

The Fit-Pro Summit is an international series of peer driven summits/conferences featuring interactive seminars, informative lectures and hands on workshops delivered to you by some of the world’s top industry leaders and influential wellness advocates. The Fit-Pro Summit is set to appear in a number of communities, in a number of countries throughout Asia including; Thailand, India, Indonesia, Singapore and we are planning over the next 2 seasons to appear in other countries like China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia.

The Fit-Pro Summit has one driving philosophy “co-operation within the wellness industry”. Fitness, exercises, nutrition, preventative medicine, alternative therapies, fashion, aesthetics, massage, stress management, and business management all blend together to form the collective term the ‘Wellness Industry”, and this industry is one of the fastest growing in the world, and this is especially true for Asia where health clubs and wellness facilities are popping up in every corner of the globe bringing countless new career and employment opportunities and the ability to help thousands people in need. However with this explosion of growth there is also a growing list of new challenges that will be faced by us collectively as an industry.

These challenges & opportunities include:

  • Finding highly skilled professionals that will help make your businesses a success,
  • Finding places and organizations that offer you the chances to increase your knowledge of all the skills needed; exercise methods, programming, revenue generation, client retention,
  • Knowing your peers, and valuable contacts. Networking and making those vital connections are often paramount to success. Meeting other gym owners, meeting dieticians, nutritionists, skilled instructors in specialty areas like pilates, yoga or CrossFit. Meeting the owners or distributors of fitness equipment, specialty equipment or hard to source health supplements,
  • Developing working and successful business models,
  • Developing and conducting dynamic fitness programs for clients or facilities, and/or realistic and results based nutrition plans for clients,
  • Successful marketing,
  • Brand awareness and brand building,
  • Separating yourself from the thousands of other fitness professionals out there who are doing what you are doing,
  • And so much more…

Fit-Pro Summits may vary between one day event and full 3 days events depending on the community we are in, and deliver to you a number of popular guest speakers including professional coaches and athletes, successful industry business owners to share what has made them successful, celebrity trainers, cutting edge fitness equipment manufacturers, authors, world travelling wellness/fitness bloggers, health TV celebrities, and many more dynamic people who have all found success directly or indirectly within our shared industry.

And of course, we are always looking to have more people join us, so if we are doing an event in your community and you think you have a good message to share, please feel free to contact us, and join us presenting at a future Fit-Pro Summit.