The Benefits of Fitness Kickboxing (Muaythai)

The Benefits of Fitness Kickboxing (Muaythai)

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By ASPATA Pro -Trainer Murray Sogen (picture of Murray Sogen training Current Fairtex World Muay Thai Champion Yodsanklai Fairtex)

Fitness kickboxing and muay thai inspired workouts have gained popularity amongst people across the planet! They generally consist of sport specific programming which is both challenging and fun to perform. It’s a great combination of boxing, martial arts and calisthenics blended together to produce an impactful metabolic and cardiovascular workout! Let’s look at the numerous benefits of fitness focused fitness kickboxing workouts.

Total Body Workout

Kickboxing and muay thai offers a workout for the entire body! No part of your body is spared when participating in a well programmed class. From blasting your core, to toning up the large and even the small muscle groups, anyone can enjoy an incendiary workout with fitness kickboxing/muay thai!

Weight Loss, Heart & Brain Benefits

Fitness kickboxing is a high intensity cardiovascular workout. You get to burn a huge amount of calories in the process, while investing in your heart and brain health. Since the entire body is involved, the calorie consumption rate is always high, this helps for anyone and everyone who has a weight loss or general health and wellness goals.

 Improved Coordination & Stress Reduction

Kicks, punches,  and compound movements like squats and push ups will improve your hand-eye coordination and athletic ability. Kickboxing is also amazing for stress relief. You can eliminate all your stress and frustration through kicks, knees, punches and elbows, without having to get hurt or hurting others!

Self Defense & Improved Confidence

Fitness kickboxing / muay thai workouts can prove to be a great self defense practice tool which can help you, even once you change out of your workout clothes. If you are caught up in a situation which needs good hand-eye coordination or strong kicks and punches to protect yourself, then your kickboxing training could prove handy. Also, exercise is responsible for releasing a hormones such as endorphins, which can have a positive effect on your mental state, thus increasing your confidence. With improved confidence you can make the most of the opportunities life presents!

The list of benefits from fitness kickboxing / muay thai and calisthenics is immense. Fitness kickboxing / muay thai workouts are a great way to punch your way into a long and healthy life!

You can also see a video on our Facebook page where our ASAPTA Indonesian pro-trainer Nineth discusses how cardio kickboxing was a large part of her formula for opening her new gym in Bali. And finally, make sure to keep an eye out for our Muay Thai / Kickboxing Fitness courses and workshops at