The Holidays are Coming, and the Clients are Leaving

The Holidays are Coming, and the Clients are Leaving

By Ror Alexander

With the holidays fast approaching it seems that no country in the world is safe from the Christmas / New Year client Exodus. Even in a countries like Indonesia, and Thailand where you would think the holidays are not the biggest deal, trainers still find themselves low on clients and high on free time. My METCON classes in Thailand for instance, will see a 70% client drop off from Dec 20th to Jan 5th.

This is also a time of year when clients have been known to completely ruin their results you have spent months creating with under activity, social events, drinking and overeating, and making not so great choices in general. This is where we need to jump in and show these clients exactly the kind of fit pro we are.

As a fit pro we want to see what is best for our clients, and it’s at this time of year where we can really shine.

  1. Set up a 30 Day Fitness Challenge, this will take them from Dec 1st to Jan 1st. At METCON we have been focusing on mobility, and I don’t want them to lose the progress they have made. In order to make sure they keep it I set up a 30 day 2 minute squat hold challenge. I showed them how to do it at home, on a plane, on top of a mountain, so there is no reason it cannot be done somewhere. If your goal is fat loss, perhaps a 10 burpee a day challenge.
  1. Set up a private social media group such as a Facebook group or Line group. This way client’s can stay in contact with you, and each other, which will help improve their compliance knowing that they are being monitored by the others and their trainer. You can also send them the odd message to let them know “I’m watching you”.
  1. Sell your clients an ‘exercise travel kit’ and simple workouts. I always suggest something like a jump rope, and give them a simple body weight workout, and jump rope routine. If they’re not good at jumping rope, again, a 30 day 10 minute jump rope challenge is a great idea. When they come back in the New Year, they should be a lot better jump ropers, and their sessions will get results even faster.
  1. Talk to your client’s about their goals, and how important they are to them. Discuss the progress they made, how to eat properly, and what to look out for over the holidays. The fact is people eat more as the social circle grows. Fun statistic: When a person is alone they tend to eat on average 420 calories, when in a group of 5 or more, 710 calories.
  1. Try to have your clients look for a gym in the area they are going, and to join it on a short time basis. You can also give them a printed copy of their program that they can use at the temporary gym. Also, try to convince them to use a trainer at the gym, give the gift of sharing, by helping that client get a few sessions in during this slower time.Holiday-Weight-Gain-Chart-590x334

With these tips, it should be no problem for your client to come back in the shape as when they left, if not better, and they will love you for that.