Tips For Easy Healthy Eating

Tips For Easy Healthy Eating

For optimal fitness and health, it is probably easier to tell people what to avoid eating, rather than list all the good things that would be beneficial.  You will see that with some simple tips, and a few rules, you can easily and dramatically improve your diet.

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Below we can offer you some general rules to be sure to eat “healthy” and not clutter your mind with unnecessary questions about diet.

You’ll see these are not complex tips, yet are very simple and effective solutions.

1.      A varied diet focused on non-processed foods
It is important to have a varied diet composed of non-processed foods. This, of course, includes fruits and vegetables but also meat, fish, poultry and eggs that are not processed.

In other words, focus on foods that have not been transformed, pre-cooked, prepared or modified.

2.     Limit processed food

Stay with natural foods as much as possible to enjoy their benefits, and to have better control of your diet.

3.     Cook as much as you can
Eat what you have cooked from natural ingredients, and it will be easier to avoid processed food and to have a total control of your diet. You can also choose what you prefer and often saves a lot of money !

4.     Spices

Use salt, spices and healthy fats in the preparation of your meals. Salt, spices and healthy fats are not your enemies.

5.     Drinks

Drink water! But black coffee and teas are also very good.

6.     Don’t drink your calories !

Avoid caloric drinks, because their sugar content is often higher than you may think.

To find out more about nutrition, make sure to check out our on-line NAFC Nutritional courses.