What’s Your Point?

What’s Your Point?

The fitness industry is a huge industry with tonnes of opportunity for anyone interested in it. In fact, it is one of the world’s fastest growing industries, and within it you can sink or swim.


One of the key things you want to do is realise what exactly it is you want to to do within, and over time this will change, as you discover new an interesting aspects of the profession. I started out in supplement and nutritional sales, then moved quickly into typical big gym personal training. This was follow up with mixed martial arts, and Krav Maga, and soon after that CrossFit, and a dedicated focus on Strength & Conditioning.

But what I did do at the beginning was decide exactly which direction I wanted to do in, and what i did not want to do. This is what you must do as well. Many people ask me “what jobs are there in the industry?”, my reply is “whatever you really like to do the most”.

There are so many ways to go about getting involved, but decide what you like. Do you like being out doors? Then look at the BOOTCAMP ALLIANCE Certification for outdoor fitness specialists. Do you like teaching groups? Then you have so many aspects, the Group Fitness Certification, the ASPATA H.I.I.T. Cert. Or maybe you really like hard workouts, with a real community vibe, then maybe consider our affiliate partner METCON, become a METCON Trainer, or take it to the next level becoming a METCON Coach, and open your own METCON Gym or METCON program.

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If one-on-one, and seeing real change, and making a difference in someone’s life is your thing, and you love the hands-on approach, the Personal Trainer certification is definitely for you. And if you’re technology inclined, why not look past your community and become an online trainer, creating videos, and e-books, and online programs.

Of course, you don’t even have to be a “fitness pro” to be a fitness pro. There’s a whole world of opportunities for you.

Nutritionist or dietician: Create meal plans or meal ideas to help clients and their families. Check out the Nutritional Foundations online course.

Supplement Salesperson or Consultant: Get deep into the billion dollar industry of supplements and sales. Discover all there is about getting ‘the extra edge”.

Wellness Coach or Lifestyle Coach: This is a fast-growing professional where you help people organize their active lifestyles through stress management, healthy eating tips, scheduling their exercise, and dealing with interruptions in the schedules. Our Wellness Consultant is right here for you.

Equipment or Nutritional Manufacturing: Maybe tinkering with new gear is your thing, or you just want to supply good quality foods to people to keep them healthy and on track. It could be as easy as ordering wrist straps and wraps from a local clothing maker, to making your own line of dumbbells or boxing gear. As far as food, maybe you want to create awesome smoothies, or healthy bars, right up to personalised meal delivery.

The choices are endless, and you are free to choose any. Let ASPATA help you become a true successful fitness professional. Many of our PT courses are international and online, so no excuses, start today.