With Great Power Comes Great Flexibility

With Great Power Comes Great Flexibility

By Ror Alexander

Flexibility training such as yoga, or even taking the time to stretch is often seen as “boring”, for “the girls”, or just uncool and not important. And there seems to be 2 very common excuses to not do it.

  1. I’m too stiff to stretch (stupid response)
  2. I’ll lose my strength and power (again, pretty stupid)

For fun, let’s all look at point # 2 first, and for this case study my very good friend Alain “The Panther” Ngalani, current ONE Championship heavy weight fighter, and 4 time world muaythai / kickbox champion.


Hmmmm… seems he has a lot of flexibility & power, knocking guys out with head kicks and all.


The fact is, many people do not have the complete ranges of motion they need to get the full benefits from their resistance training programs; shallow squats, shortened lunges, low kicks, and less range when throwing, pressing, reaching or striking.

Decreases in flexibility, and its close relative mobility are also injuries waiting to happen, as the joints or muscles are not prepared for the complete movements that may be forced on them once weights are added to the movement.

Flexibility and mobility also help to keep the body in alignment, help with coordination, ensuring no shortened or less than optimal movements are performed.

Now onto point # 1: I’m too stiff to stretch. (This wont take long).

Being stiff is exactly the reason you have to fix this issue!!  With stiff joints come injuries, and losses of mobility or flexibility can mean that even something as simple as bending over to pick up something on the floor can cause you an injury. So this is a REALLY dumb excuse.

Other reasons:

  • Greater mind/body awareness
  • Co-ordination of movements
  • Stretching releases and elongates muscle fibers causing increases in relaxation.
  • Has been show to reduce anxiety and tension.
  • Great way to bring the heart rate down after a workout.

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