Fairtex Muaythai Fit One Day Workshop

Fairtex is the #1 brand on the planet when it comes to both pro muaythai and muaythai/kickbox fitness, and ASPATA is around to represent their muaythai fitness brand.
This one day workshop is designed to help you incorporate some drills and fundamental strikes from authentic muaythai fitness to give you a heads up on the other trainers in your gym! Trainers who can incorporate muaythai fitness or kickbox fitness into their clients programs get more clients, and more clients means more money. It’s simple math.
Fairtex: Be Inspired. 6 hours

LIFT! Advanced Barbell Coach Workshop


The time proven, results crushing, strength smashing barbell is without argument the worlds greatest strength or conditioning piece if equipment. Yet it has been unjustifiably been committed to only a few basic exercises! That was until now.

The LIFT! Advanced Barbell Coach workshop is a unique introduction to all the great and dynamic uses of the barbell. From powerlifting and Olympic lifting, to conditioning and unilateral functional fitness, we will be sorting through the many, MANY uses of “old iron” AKA the barbell. This one piece of simple equipment can literally do the work of over a dozen others, and now you will discover them all, making you a true barbell master coach.

We will also be discovering the additional tools to make your barbell training better. From belts and straps, to chains and bands.

ASPATA YogaFit Trainer

yoga fit

The Yoga-Fit one day workshop is one of a first of it’s kind to bring yoga based flexibility/mobility training to fitness trainers and group Ex instructors.

It is not uncommon, and almost always demanded by clients, that during their sessions/classes they do stretching at some point, either as a warmup or cool down. Yet most trainers have a very limited knowledge of even basic stretches, and often are uncomfortable putting clients into simple flexibility positions. That was until now!

The ASPATA Yoga-Fit course has been designed by our own fully certified, globe trotting, yoga retreat instructor, (and NAFC personal trainer) and has been devolved by her to help you bring your clients the “spirit of yoga” by using educated and scientific methods with terms suitable for a fit pro like you.

During this one day workshop, you will discover many of the foundational positions of yoga, how to ensure proper postural positions, analyse positions, and discover some great and flexibility and mobility based Vinyasa’s that will help open those typical tight areas like the shoulders, hips, ankles and lower backs.

During this workshop we will discover:
– Warmups, vinyasa’s and standing poses
– Tension vs. Compression
– Safe bending (back, lateral, and front)
– Twists
– Cooling Poses
– Putting routines together

** It must be noted that after this workshop you ARE NOT a certified yoga instructor. Instead you will be a fitness professional with a deeper understanding of flexibility, sequencing, and optimal range of motion. A certificate however is provided.
Refunds / Credits
  • There are no refunds on courses, workshops or online courses.
  • In the event you cannot make a registered live course/workshop, please email us, and if approved, we can transfer your registration to the next workshop/course date (same workshop/course), or a different workshop/course of your choosing within a 4 month period.
  • All NAFC Online and ASPATA Online courses cannot be refunded, or credited as they are personally created online portals with downloadable content.